Around the world, Down Jones, Nasdaq, brokerage houses became civil regulators based on speculation, opportunism and rumors.

Intermediaries (stock exchanges) do not have to raise or lower the price based on the before mentioned with the pretext of making the shares of a company public without taking into account the costs of the same to produce a product or service.

During the history of the stock market, thousands of companies have gone bankrupt due to simple speculation, simulation, rumors, etc.

These times will change the world economy, with the evolution of the means of payment (which is already underway) that are not at the will of governments, businessmen, stock exchanges, this came with Cryptocurrencies making it completely clear that they have a base cost.

All this based on the principle of EQUITY.

Quality that consists in giving each one what they deserve based on their merits or performance, without favoring the treatment of one person while harming the other.

A truly free market without destroying companies, industries and jobs.

Quantum Blockchain

Today’s demand for financial process acceleration creates a huge need for data processing. Currently, there is no means in which this demand for data processing is met, which is why, in response to this need, cryncoin supports the creation of a quantum blockchain that manages to meet that demand that exists due to the high processing and transmission of data. of data.

Let’s start by defining it, the blockchain is a system that seeks to change the way in which information is produced, managed and stored, for example, medical records, bank records; This work has been carried out by humans, so this information always has an intermediary, a person, or an institution. Blockchain proposes that this management is a work done by a machine, since it is more efficient, faster and incorruptible.


• If someone changes the information in your block, the Hash changes and the chain breaks, making the change invalid.

• By adding a block with information, it is registered in the user network immediately, so if anyone makes a change, the blockchain community knows it, then this change is canceled.

Cryptocurrencies use the blockchain precisely for its high security, to prevent operations from being hacked or altered when making financial transfers.

The quantum blockchain differs from the blockchain by providing the following improvements:

• Data transfer speed

• Storage capacity

• Data processing speed

• Exponential decreases in processing time and parallel operations without the need to add processors to the machine.

• Frequent accuracy between calculations made, millions of times more accurate than any current mathematics or ancient theorems.

As of today we have the patented and registered processes of this development, we continue working today to be able to offer an efficient and current service to the entire world financial system, being able to offer a fast and efficient service in data processing.

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The invention relates to an electron handling device comprising a cube structure equipped internally with gratings that emit pulses programmed by electronic cards that communicate orders relating to the trajectories to be followed of an electron injected into the cube, subsequent to the entry of oxygen into same, thereby providing an environment suitable for the movement thereof. The device can be programmed according to the application required, including, inter alia, unlimited data storage and power generation. It should be noted that the communication between the electron and the device is a two-way communication.

Quantum binary devices allow millions of operations to be performed simultaneously, with millions of times more accuracy than the calculations of today’s computers.

A set of algorithms and equipment has been developed with which the Qubit overlay is exploited efficiently. We call this phenomenon «Nahuts», as they are even more robust, and their operation is incredibly more surprising than the Qubits.

This new quantum perspective makes current encryption and calculation mechanisms obsolete, just as it invalidates any preexisting theory or algorithmic explanation in this scientific field. For our team, accuracy is the possibility of status between the observation part and the cause-effect during the complete operation and the emission of results.

The quantum team performs the complete cause-effect phenomenon, producing Nahuis, thus giving a 100% quantum, non-parallel computation of overlays that allow:

Encryption: This equipment provides an alternative solution based not so much on mathematics, but on the laws of physics, so this solution could be practically impossible to violate due to attacks.

With the quantum supercomputing that is carried out, a subatomic particle can be located at several energy levels at the same time. It is as if the qubit existed in two parallel universes.

This is why this new way of calculating is totally quantum, since it manifests millions of states at the point of response at the same time. In other words, a subatomic particle can be in many millions of energy levels at the same time.

Cryncoin supports and creates the possibility of improving the current financial system, which will allow an imminent advance in the way in which we carry out current financial operations, thereby generating security and efficiency in the handling and processing of data, providing users with reliability in resource management.