CRYN White Paper

Creative Rich Yield Nature Coin for Social Development

CRYN is a cryptocurrency that emerged with the digital financial evolution helping human rights development, brinding the gap for a better world to achive a healthy environment, without hunger, enriching the rigth to learn and respect the nature of each culture achieving sustainable social development for new generations.

We start seeing a need and end up providing solutions.

Every time you acquired a CRYN, with your investment, solve the great gap of social differences, your purchase becomes less hunger and more education for the most needy population centers of our world, this effort will be reflected in everyone’s future. Cryn value is given by destiny not the origin.

Introduction Team

Our team is born from the need to solve a global means of trust without borders, which from any part of the planet, those who have the blessings of intelligence and wealth, can help those who are born in places of less possibilities and intelligence.

We are just a group of people who vibrate with the desire to achieve a better world, where all human beings have the same opportunities and that we learn to respect our planet earth, protecting it for the next generations.

As the origin of the Universe, our team is just a little energy and matter from which CRYN arises for the development of goodness for the benefit of the most needy on the planet all about trust.

Our team a decentralized platform may govern itself, to help ONGs raising money to launch and help the world.

Mission Overview

The main mission, stop poverty to meet the challenges of the community or communities that we serve worldwide, through the services and programs that we create specifically to combat poverty and hunger, rehabilitate and empower battered and abused women, children, the elderly.

We support endeavors and projects aimed at maintaining the integrity of individuals and families in terms of their physical, financial and socio-cultural needs as a whole.

Educate to improve our future and that of our planet, teaching how to avoid climate change and global warming.

The CRYNCOIN is in the spirit of helping the community and enhancing the lives of those we serve, looking how to teach the way to be sustainable respecting the natura.CRYNCoin Is the first blockchain token based in investing in community driven Original Native Citizen Social and Economic development Initiatives.

CRYNCoin Team aware that poverty is nearly more and more producing social problems due In terms of education, poverty is growing, and as a consequence crime and ignorance are growing in society, our team worried about making a change in the society as a hole, has created a digital means of union of interests, we live on a planet we all must take care of avoiding at all costs, devastation and pollution, is where a rapid means of union is required, which creates opportunities for the most disadvantaged and stability for those who already have their personal wealth.

CRYNCoin is a means of digital exchange of money, without global costs and barriers, helping the next you help yourself, the idea is to detonate CRYN as a means of exchanging goods, which produce well-being for humanity.

Poverty comes alone and generates more poverty, CRYN’s goal is to generate wealth, to reduce poverty by helping to generate more wealth.

The basis of the development of CRYNCoin is that for every CRYNCoin you buy you are donating a CRYNCoin at the same time to reduce poverty and improve the environment.

Only you can do the miracle of returning to the first times of economy of communion, where everything was shared, in these times of modernity, thanks to the technology of cryptocurrencies make it possible for us to be united in the confidence to help create a better world for all.

With your help you save and at the same time save the planet achieving a better balance.

No matter where you are, you can invest without borders with CRYNCoin, participating in the wave of love and goodwill to others.

The main principles in wich CRYN is stablished are:

Native Communities of the World


Global Warming


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