Before Talking About a Better World, We Must Resolve Outstanding Issues


To increase security and confidence of all our investors, CrynCoin has made a contract swap, for this reason will be doing the exchange of the old cryns 1:1 for the new ones to all our legal holders with a procedure described here.

This procedure Will be available until May 31th 2023. After that date we will not be responsable for any other existing old cryns.

The Value Of Cryncoin Is Not Given By The Origin, It Is Gived By The Destiny

The Digitalization Of Philanthropy

Cryptocurrency That Emerged With
The Digital Financial Evolution

Native Communities

Plataforma ABC

Global Warming

Introduction Team

Our team is born from the need to solve a global means of trust without borders, which from any part of the planet, those who have the blessings of intelligence and wealth, can help those who are born in places of less possibilities and intelligence.

We are just a group of people who vibrate with the desire to achieve a better world, where all human beings have the same opportunities and that we learn to respect our planet earth, protecting it for the next generations.

As the origin of the Universe, our team is just a little energy and matter from which CRYN arises for the development of goodness for the benefit of the most needy on the planet all about trust. Our team a decentralized platform may govern itself, to help ONGs raising money to launch and help the world.

Project Function Model Diagram


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May 1st 2019

Project idea brought to life

May 10 2019

Exchange finexbox

March 25 2022

Coingecko listing

March 30 2022

Creating of Telegram