Platform ABC

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The Digitalization Of Philanthropy

The ABC Platform is a technological tool that supports education, promoting the active participation
of Parents with online information on their children’s activities within the school.

Currently, school dropout is one of the main problems that afflict our society, only in the state of Tabasco it represents 4.5% of the total number of students registered in secondary education representing the state at a cost of more than 145 million pesos that are not used by the students.

That is why the objective of ABC is to implement a technological platform that allows to reduce the rates of absenteeism, dropout and dropout, increase terminal efficiency and strengthen school performance by increasing collaborative participation among schools, teachers and parents.

The ABC Digital Platform is a tool that uses the benefits of technology to provide Tutors, Institutions and Teachers with real-time monitoring of:

A = Assistance B = Good School Performance C = Behavior

A = Assistance

B = Good School Performance

C = Behavior

Giving with it the possibility of carrying out preventive and corrective actions timely and effective for the benefit of the students.

Informing parents in real time about the absences, delays, tasks and behavior of their children.