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World Development Plan for Indigenous Peoples

Supporting the project World Development Plan for Indigenous Peoples promotes the strengthening of indigenous worldwide communities, forgets all kinds of governments, without conditioning or influencing community leaders to obtain any political benefit or of any kind, we promote values, the fight against poverty and hunger and the strengthening of their customs and identities to preserve their traditions and inherit them to their new generations.

This society has as background the trust of most of its affiliates, under this premise, the priority needs required by independent societies (housing, productive projects, public infrastructure, among others) are included. This project promotes the inclusion of the sectors that require it most. It incorporates development activities respecting leadership, trades, activities and capacities already established and / or generated. The main idea of ​​this plan is to promote high-impact strategic projects that economically benefit rural producers and microenterprises, which result in the generation of permanent, fair and sustainable employment.

In this organization, we know that transforming our environment into more convenient scenarios for all living beings, involves starting processes of change supported by highly creative methodologies, with a technical-scientific foundation, broad human sense, understanding and social participation. In turn, such a transformation is only potentially viable with collaborative action between stakeholders, interests and abilities to act as agents of change.

The transformation process includes from territorial diagnoses (physical, socioeconomic, environmental, infrastructure aspects, among others), citizen participation forums, to laboratory analysis; all this according to the characteristics of the territorial demarcation, the availability of information and the vision of the agents of change involved. For this, we are proposing intelligence and innovation strategies for the co-design of proposals that consist of assertive strategies, realizable and anchored to national and international policies, with a focus on the sustainable management of the territory of the original peoples.

Currently, the problem that afflicts the population has its origin in the colonial era, so it is taken as a proposal of the organization, to retake all the ancestral bases to combat the problem of pollution, social and economic disorder. Natural and moral persons, who work with us, are characterized by having good values, who like to work in an honest, respectful, and independent way. The main axes of work are the recovery of native peoples, so that we can benefit the neediest in the country, so that the development is totally real and with a greater impact.